Mastering generational change with Clypp

Industry: housing

Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt (NHW)

On- and Offboarding process - The challenge

Like many companies in the housing industry, NHW is facing ongoing challenges such as a shortage of skilled workers and the demographic shift. Effective on- and offboarding measures are required as experienced employees with specialist knowledge are leaving the company and new personnel are stepping up. It is therefore essential to quickly find a solution that allows experts to easily document their knowledge of specific processes and make it available to new employees at all times. The continuous efficient administration/management of the nearly 59,000 residential units is based on complex digital processes and systems. For NHW employees, it is therefore essential that work-relevant information on systems is visually prepared and centrally available.

The decision

The starting point for the collaboration between NHW and Clypp is the Hubitation Contest 2020, in which the Clypp team (still under the name Zesavi) wins first place and can carry out a paid pilot project with NHW. The cooperation works so well that a long-term follow-up contract is signed with Clypp immediately afterwards.

Efficient On- and Offboarding: The result

  • Simple operation, equally suitable for novices and professionals
  • Possibility to integrate into NHW’s Learning Management System (LMS)
  • No prior software download or installation required
  • Every employee may create short Clypps for explaining workflows on screen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automatic integration of NHW’s company design including the logo into the tutorial
  • Created Clypps can be integrated into systems with just two clicks using API interfaces or SCORM
  • Almost 20 departments of NHW use Clypp for documentation and training
  • Easy, central user and content management in Clypp's dashboard, incl. active directory integration

The perspective and vision

Important know-how, recurring processes and new information can be easily recorded using Clypp and are made available to the company indefinitely. That is how NHW is able to combat the loss of knowledge due to imminent generational change and also makes an important contribution towards digitizing their processes in the meantime. In the future, not only internal but also external processes ought to be explained using Clypp. This is how Clypp will grow into a central tool for visually capturing and communicating important information and key processes for relevant stakeholders.

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