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Businesses use Clypp to create and share short video tutorials of workflows & software with their co-workers and customers.

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Record, share, repeat!

Create Stunning Documentation In Minutes

Create high quality video documentation including GIFs, screenshots & auto-transcribed texts to guide your users through every step of your workflows.
Our simple three-step process is designed for non-experts and experts alike. Recording, editing and sharing easy-to-understand tutorials about software and processes has never been easier.


Cutting-edge intelligence and sharing

Not Your Average Tutorial

Once you have created your screen recording, you can enhance your documentation through screenshots, subtitles and an automated step-by-step summary of your workflow.

Natural language processing

Clypp automatically transcribes your spoken words to text and translates it in every language you like. You can use the transcript to add subtitles to your content or create a step-by-step guide based on your recording.

Unlimited sharing options

Forget file chaos and a full hard drive. Embed your Clypps directly in your intranet and help desk or send it to others via Microsoft Teams or Email. There are no limits to your sharing possibilities.

Create Clypps for everything

Need Some Proper Explanations?

People from all industries love creating and sharing Clypps to improve their daily work. However, these use cases have proven to be the heavy hitters – any open questions we can help document?

Get your new hires up to speed faster and avoid repetitive questions.

Support your co-workers with the information they need to stay productive.

Enhance your intranet articles with interactive and comprehensive content and adapt to your users’ various learning styles.

Share quick hacks with your team and learn from your peers to achieve greatness together.

Spice up your help center articles with short tutorials and visual step-by-step instructions.

Show your customers how to solve their problem and archive the content in your help center.

Why you should try Clypp

Your Technology-First Approach To Documentation

Workflow integration

Don't spend extra time for documenting. Record tutorials while working on your tasks.

Easy recording

Clypp is made for you - even if you have never recorded and edited a video.

Intelligent automation

Get automatically generated screenshots and text from your recording without lifting a finger.

Highest security

We rely on ISO-certified servers in Germany for your data security and privacy.

Why our customers love Clypp

Simplicity paired with cutting-edge technology

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