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Staff onboarding

You just hired new team members? Use short tutorials to quickly introduce employees to internal tools and processes. Especially for remote or hybrid teams, Clypp is the ideal tool to present content concisely and clearly and enable productivity quickly.
"Due to our strong growth, staff onboarding & training become more challenging. Clypp helped us build an internal knowledge database, let alone their simple video creation & management methods which we cannot live without anymore."
Marc Altmeyer
COO I Searchtalent

How Clypp helps to train and integrate new employees from day 1

Filter content by team, location, position and so much more

Topic-specific playlists and groups

Comprehensive search for titles, subtitles, keywords and users

Employee training with video tutorials

Your workforce carries tons of knowledge – Digitize it! With Clypp, both novices and experts can easily share their know-how through short video tutorials. Literally anyone can create, edit and share a video tutorial in minutes – even without in-depth technical knowledge.

How Clypp helps transfer knowledge across your organization

Fast, interactive content creation for experts & non-experts alike

Topic-specific keywords and groups for cross-team collaboration

Central platform to access all Clypps in your workspace

Software & process rollouts

From administration to manufacturing: Nowadays, every team utilizes software and the number of programs in-use is on the rise. Use Clypp to train your employees in software in an interactive way, increase productivity and reduce margin for error.
Clypp illustrates work processes better – e.g. as a presentation with voice-over or webcam insertion – in a comprehensible and personal manner.

How Clypp helps you to Introduce new tools and processes quickly in a sustainable manner

Request new Clypps from colleagues

Automatically generated multilingual subtitles

AI based step-by-step instructions

IT & customer support

Empower employees to provide modern support to others! IT tickets and support requests are resolved faster with Clypp: Instead of calling or writing an email, users can record a video of the problem and share it with the support team. Likewise, IT departments can provide their colleagues with tutorials illustrating the solution. Our clients report that using Clypp also minimizes follow-up questions.

How Clypp helps your support workers to work smarter

Automatically generated multilingual subtitles

Topic-specific playlists

Central platform to access all Clypps in your workspace

Best practices

Successful teams work together and support each other. Encourage knowledge transfer and cohesion between colleagues by giving your employees the ideal tool to do so. With Clypp, colleagues share best practices and insights using concise & compelling video tutorials – for fewer questions and higher productivity.

How Clypp improves productivity and team chemistry through targetet communication

Integration into the communication tool of your choice, e.g. MS Teams

Make Clypps available exclusively to specific teams

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